Sort of Thinking About a Rtrip to Panama

January 29th, 2015 by admin

I got to thinking about this after these friends of mine came back and showed me their picutres from their vacation. They had stayed at a place called Red Frog Beach, which is in the Bocas del Toro province of Panama. Of course it is really cheap to fly down there right now. This place where they stay looked awfully nice and I am not so sure that I could swing the cost of the stay there, but they talked like they were really happy about what they paid for it. Obviously I did not come right out and ask him what it all cost because I can do the math and it is a lot better to try to get your best deal on something good. I am thinking that I can probably find about an hour or so that I am not busy at work and do the research then. I have a good deal of down time on my job, because right now I am mostly in the deal making part of the business.

At any rate I am thinking that we can probably take a couple of weeks off and maybe start out with a cruise and then fly home after staying some place like Panama. Of course I am not sure how much political unrest there is in the area. I know that some of the surrounding countries have some serious problems. The Mexican criminal cartels have taken over parts of Guatemala for example. You do not want to go to those places unless you are some sort of mercenary. Of course Venezuela is not contiguous with Panama, but it is not far away and they are probably going to have a revolution if the price of oil does not bounce back in the very near future.


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