The Beauty of the Niseko Slope

October 23rd, 2016 by admin

While living in Japan as an English teacher, I had an amazing experience when I went Niseko skiing with Propeak. I never really cared about skiing, mainly because I didn’t grow up in an environment where skiing was prominent. It was rare for me to see any snow at all in the year, and when it did fall, it was usually an inch or less, which wasn’t good enough to ski on, or even make a snowman. Some of the other English teachers that I knew either came from states or other countries where they got a lot of snow, so they went skiing often. When they planned to go skiing for a weekend and invited me, I hesitated because of my lack of experience, but they told me that I would be fine.

I was filled with a mix of emotions when I went to Niseko with the other teachers. The area was one of the most beautiful parts of Japan, if not the entire world. As I looked at all the natural beauty of the area, I thought that it would be a wonderful place to live permanently. I was also a little afraid, because I imagined myself falling down the slope and getting rolled up in a giant snowball like a cartoon character. Everyone else seemed to show no signs of nervousness.

The ski instructor assured me that by the end of the day, I would be able to ski just as well as anyone else, and that I wouldn’t have any injuries from it. The instructor worked with me to perform the basic skiing motions, while boosting my confidence. I had the hang of it in no time, and I was able to push myself into going to some of the more advanced areas of the slope with the other teachers.


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